A New Chapter

  So here i am 4 years after i first started Lewis Leigh. I've come such a long way and when i look back at my first 'pic collage' Instagram posts i must admit i do a little cringe face! But without those cringe worthy posts i would never have learnt or developed in to what you see today. I still have a heck of a lot to learn and i love the fact each day brings me something new. 

With social media forever evolving, it can be exhausting keeping up but hey i like a challenge and that's why i'm entrepreneur, because life just isn't complicated enough! I'm joking of course but now i'm going off track as i often do....

So as i was saying, my new site was slightly overdue, i was perhaps holding on to something that had outdated a year or so ago but i had become attached to it and wasn't quite sure which direction i wanted to go with a new site....I rebranded a year ago and should probably have done it then but better late than never! 

I decided to strip back some of the fuss that i has began to create on Lewis Leigh and after a family summer holiday i found myself with a new lease of life and thankfully my creative block came to an end.

My family and friends have always said i am a year ahead with trends and so sometimes i create things that my customers aren't quite ready for; with this in mind i have kept a nice selection of glitter bows in my latest collection and added some more luxurious bows to the mix, such as lace and velvet which are two of my favourite fabrics.

I absolutely love browsing and shopping girlswear and some of my inspiration comes from the clothes in which i buy my five year old daughter. Other inspiration comes from home interiors and fashion magazines.

The products i create are always for my customers; that might sound obvious but actually a lot of designers create things for themselves with the hope others will like them too. I do of course still create things i like but i always have my customers in the forefront of my mind. I'm forever fabric shopping thinking "Ooh i think Sarah would like that, or Gemma was looking for something like that..." I like to know my customers on first name terms, i like them to feel special and listened to and most of all i like their children to love their Lewis Leigh delivery!   

I've created a new baby band range, expanded my personalised range and created a new 'Occasions' category so if you're looking for a personalised bow or some party bag favours then Lewis Leigh is the place to come!

So now you know a little bit behind my thinking for the new website, head to the 'Shop' section and see what tickles your fancy.....

- Leanne x