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Welcome to Lewis Leigh!...Established in 2014.

I'm Leanne and i started my sparkle store after failing to find anything unique and sparkly to put in my daughters beautiful long hair.

With years of experience in fashion and design i put my skills to good use!

Initially specialising in glitter bows, i've since expanded my range to head wraps, partywear and much more.

I can design and create accessories to match almost anything, so pop me an email if you have a special request!

I pride my shop on excellent customer service, high quality fabrics and perfect finishing touches.


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Our Charity Partner

We're proud and excited to announce our partnership with Carbon Checkout. You can round up your pennies in the checkout and help off set your carbon foot print.
 Carbon Checkout Partner
Carbon Checkout contributions to renewable energy help build zero emission wind and solar energy infrastructure that displaces fossil-fuel electricity production to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon Checkout pools micro-contributions that together add up to make significant investments in renewable energy infrastructure to accelerate our transition to a low-carbon economy. 


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